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World Wide Web Widgets Wait While We Wonder

Adding Web widgets to your site or Blog can bring a post or article to life. Using tools and widgets that are useful or even entertaining for your visitors will increase your visitors and the length of time they’ll hang around. Take a look at this video, then feel free to browse around and find the right widgets for you, your site, and your subscribers.


Widget World

globe.gifWidget World was created to be the Worlds Widget Resource. Widgets and Gadgets are being created by the hundreds each and every day. We spend a great deal of time researching every new Widget or Gadget that comes out onto the market. This is a HUGE endeavor by our Widget World Team, but we are committed to doing this for our readers, subscribers, and Widget Seekers.

It is the “NEW” World of Widgets and Gadgets!

Why is Widget World one of the most popular “Widget” sites? It’s simple, “If there’s a gadget, widget, or what-cha-ma-call-it, you’ll always be able to find it, or a link to it here at Widget World, the Widget Capitol of the World!”