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A Powerful Social Networking Widget

In the past few years, we have seen many widgets and gadgets introduced to the “World-of-Widgets” but this one is by far one of the more powerful and useful widgets I have seen yet.  REtaggr is a nifty and small widget/chicklet that adds some real power and value to your Blog, Website, Email Signature etc.

Your Portable Interactive Web 2.0 Profile

  • Consolidate your online presence into an interactive online business card
  • Display recent tweets, blog posts, and photos right in your card
  • Appears alongside your interaction across the web and on your site/blog
  • Create a great first impression when people discover you online
  • 150+ sites supported, or add your own content from anywhere

REtaggr Sites Supported

REtaggr Sites Supported

Check out REtaggr.com and see why this is such a Powerful Social Networking Widget and tool for your online presence and WEB 2.0 business.   The REAL power is that it doesn’t only sit on your Blog, or Website, it can be attached when you interact on a site, and it’s FREE.<p>