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30 Powerful Widgets for Business

Here’s 30 pretty cool widgets that cover content, cultivation, capture, and social media syndication.


World Wide Web Widgets Wait While We Wonder

Adding Web widgets to your site or Blog can bring a post or article to life. Using tools and widgets that are useful or even entertaining for your visitors will increase your visitors and the length of time they’ll hang around. Take a look at this video, then feel free to browse around and find the right widgets for you, your site, and your subscribers.

Best Text Widget On The Web 2008

Best SMS Text Messaging Widget On The Web – 2008

Matt Rains and RETechBlog have created one of the finest “text messaging widgets” we have seen on the web ever.  We were so impressed,  Widget World is ranking it as one of the Top 10 Web 2.0  Widgets for 2008.   The widget provides a very short, sweet and simple user interface, and it works on every site and Blog we’ve tested.

What Is SMS Text Messaging?

The widget performs effortlessly for your site and Blog visitors and can embedded on the main page or sidebar of any Blog or Webpage.  With the masses increasing daily by the thousands into the techy world of texting, here’s a widget you may want to consider putting on your sites.  Text messages are the fastest and most convenient way of communicating in the Web 2.0 World today.   No high school or College student would be caught dead without the ability to text.

“Potential Clients can now send you text messages instead of calling you!  You can cut and paste the code and use it anywhere HTML is rendered.”    Matt Rains

A few of the impressive features:

Best Of The Web 2008

Best Of The Web - WidgetWorld 2008

Get It FREE Here

If you’re just wanting to send a text to another phone using any service provider, and you don’t want to add a widget to your Blog or Website, you can always use the time tested, tried and true,  TxT2Day.com.