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globe.gifWidget World was created to be the Worlds Widget Resource. Widgets and Gadgets are being created by the hundreds each and every day. We spend a great deal of time researching every new Widget or Gadget that comes out onto the market. This is a HUGE endeavor by our Widget World Team, but we are committed to doing this for our readers, subscribers, and Widget Seekers.

It is the “NEW” World of Widgets and Gadgets!

Why is Widget World one of the most popular “Widget” sites? It’s simple, “If there’s a gadget, widget, or what-cha-ma-call-it, you’ll always be able to find it, or a link to it here at Widget World, the Widget Capitol of the World!”


30 Powerful Widgets for Business

Here’s 30 pretty cool widgets that cover content, cultivation, capture, and social media syndication.

World Wide Web Widgets Wait While We Wonder

Adding Web widgets to your site or Blog can bring a post or article to life. Using tools and widgets that are useful or even entertaining for your visitors will increase your visitors and the length of time they’ll hang around. Take a look at this video, then feel free to browse around and find the right widgets for you, your site, and your subscribers.

Best Text Widget On The Web 2008

Best SMS Text Messaging Widget On The Web – 2008

Matt Rains and RETechBlog have created one of the finest “text messaging widgets” we have seen on the web ever.  We were so impressed,  Widget World is ranking it as one of the Top 10 Web 2.0  Widgets for 2008.   The widget provides a very short, sweet and simple user interface, and it works on every site and Blog we’ve tested.

What Is SMS Text Messaging?

The widget performs effortlessly for your site and Blog visitors and can embedded on the main page or sidebar of any Blog or Webpage.  With the masses increasing daily by the thousands into the techy world of texting, here’s a widget you may want to consider putting on your sites.  Text messages are the fastest and most convenient way of communicating in the Web 2.0 World today.   No high school or College student would be caught dead without the ability to text.

“Potential Clients can now send you text messages instead of calling you!  You can cut and paste the code and use it anywhere HTML is rendered.”    Matt Rains

A few of the impressive features:

Best Of The Web 2008

Best Of The Web - WidgetWorld 2008

Get It FREE Here

If you’re just wanting to send a text to another phone using any service provider, and you don’t want to add a widget to your Blog or Website, you can always use the time tested, tried and true,  TxT2Day.com.

Creating Your Own KickApps Widgets

BusinessWeek Readers vote KickApps “Best Of The Web 2008!” This is a site you must check out if you do anything with Social Networking, websites, photo and video sharing, custom video players and using Widgets.

We suggest using KickApps to power audience growth & engagement! The most powerful and user friendly site we have seen since the creation of the “Widget” and it’s FREE provided you don’t mind the advertising on the pages they host.

The KickApps Widget Studio enables you to build, organize, deploy and manage an unlimited variety of widgets with drag-and-drop ease and efficiency. Using templates, you can customize your own video and audio players, slideshows, and list widgets in a matter of minutes. Or, you can build your own widgets from scratch using raw components.”

White Label Social Networking that Delivers!” TechCrunch

A Powerful Social Networking Widget

In the past few years, we have seen many widgets and gadgets introduced to the “World-of-Widgets” but this one is by far one of the more powerful and useful widgets I have seen yet.  REtaggr is a nifty and small widget/chicklet that adds some real power and value to your Blog, Website, Email Signature etc.

Your Portable Interactive Web 2.0 Profile

  • Consolidate your online presence into an interactive online business card
  • Display recent tweets, blog posts, and photos right in your card
  • Appears alongside your interaction across the web and on your site/blog
  • Create a great first impression when people discover you online
  • 150+ sites supported, or add your own content from anywhere

REtaggr Sites Supported

REtaggr Sites Supported

Check out REtaggr.com and see why this is such a Powerful Social Networking Widget and tool for your online presence and WEB 2.0 business.   The REAL power is that it doesn’t only sit on your Blog, or Website, it can be attached when you interact on a site, and it’s FREE.<p>

What Are Web Widgets?

This “Web Widget” video will give you an example of how Widgets can be used on your websites and Blogs. You’ll find every type of widget there is available, right here at Widget World.

iPhone Widget Video

See what the iPhone widget is all about. The Apple iPhone is one of the newest and hottest phones on the market today. This tool and its widgets are out of this “Widget World!”  Watch this video and see for yourself!   We are in a “New Age” of technology and witnessing the development of powerful and priceless communication tools.  Apple is leading the way in providing us this new and entertaining technology!  The iPhone is a great addition to your toolbox and your business!